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Eddy, Sahabat Anak Alam: A Farewell Party

Oleh: Farida Mahri

Discussion about religious tolerance in Amerika and Indonesia with Edwardo Guerero (Peace Corp Volunteer) at Sekolah Alam Wangsakerta. This is also a farewell party for Edwardo who will back to US after 2 year live in Indonesia and spent some of his time to teach our students in Sekolah Alam Wangsakerta.

One of the discussion participants asked about inter-religion relationship in the US, is there any different before and and after 9/11 bombing. Edwardo said, there are many Moslems in US. Before 9/11 occurs we have very good relation each others.

Moslems are welcome among other religion community in US but after 9/11 it changed. People scare of being close with Moslems and government produce campaign that contain warning to the people again Moslems community. Moslems people get very bad respond form other people because of this policy.

But as time gone bye, this situation is changed. Today Moslems people is most welcome in the US, inter religion relation getting normal. US government provided many scholarship for Moslems around the world to take study in US particularly for women.

Farah, eleven years old participant asked “Why Trump seem hate Moslems people?”. “Well, this is what happen. US people who live in the North side of the country are coming from Europe. They avoid to have relation or get married with local people. They want to purity their ethnicity and culture which is European culture.

Mr. Trumph is coming from this community. This is different with people who are from South of America. They originally came from Spain. They have no problem to make family and get married with local people. They build a new culture name Hispanic culture. They not refuse other religion community. They are don’t like Trump policy in accordant with his his exclusiveness’. Edwardo answer.

The dialogue is really interesting and inspiring. Participants also discuss about fasting, religion tradition in US and many more.


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